Shelby Tucker
Shelby Tucker - Business Development Manager

07 35102626

Shelby first entered the real estate industry back in 2017, starting as a receptionist and then made her way into a leasing role. Once she mastered those skills she decided to expand her knowledge in property management taking on a PM assistant role and finally joined D'Arcys in 2020 as a property manager operating her own portfolio.
After learning the D'Arcy way, Shelby decided to move into a more sales focussed role and is now working with Landlords to secure their business, to ensure they are getting the best possible service when it comes to the management of their investment properties.
Shelby loves the industry and the fact that each day throws a new challenge. She loves the feeling of accomplishment upon resolving these problems and the relationships she builds with the various people along the way. Shelby is a great communicator who has a real skill for ensuring her customers are never left unhappy.
After a busy week at work, you will find Shelby enjoying her down time visiting family and friends.

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