Pre-photography Checklist
Pre-photography Checklist

Presenting a property for sale or for rent usually requires some pre-work to get it ready for the campaign. Use the following checklist to assist us in getting the listing ready for photography. REMEMBER: Less is more!

  • Homewares or a nice coffee table book are nice to display, clear away any excess books, magazines & clutter
  • Keep cushions to a minimum
  • Remove rugs & floormats (they tend to make the rooms look smaller in photos) - ask if you are unsure!
  • Clear Tv remotes, gaming equipment, electrical cords etc
  • TIP: Fresh flowers never go astray and can brighten up the photos (don't go overboard tho)
  • Clear all dishes, glassware, small appliances & leave only a kettle and/or coffee machine on display
  • If you have stainless steel appliances, wipe down & leave streak free
  • Ensure you remove all calendars, magnets, paper etc from the fridge
  • Straighten any chairs & stools, remove rubbish bins
  • Clear washing baskets, toilet paper, plugs, soap dishes, products etc (maybe put them all in a box in the centre of the room and the photographer can move easily as they shoot)
  • Turn all taps to the centre, ensure any streaks have been removed from the mirror
  • Remove the bathmat from the floor
  • TIP: Fresh coordinated towels look best, if in doubt, go with none
  • Turn on all lights and lamps, replace faulty globes, straighten lampshades & turn off ceiling fans
  • Check curtains & blinds are all operational, ensure they can be fully opened
  • Remove all family pictures, ornaments & memorabilia, these tend to make the rooms look smaller then what they are
  • Dust all flat surfaces
  • Have fresh laundered pillowcases & ensure bed covers are wrinkle free
  • Make sure all excess items in the bedroom are pushed under the bed
  • Clear all animal toys, bedding & food bowls, we would love your pets to star in the shoot however!

If you are home just before the photographer gets there, you can assist by opening all windows & patio doors.

Thank you for your assistance with the above, please give your agent a call if there are any questions or you are unsure about anything!

Pre-photography Checklist